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The State of Georgia regulates alcohol from manufacturing to selling to actions resulting from its use. This includes how alcohol is sold, to whom it may be sold, when it may be sold, the consequences of violations of its regulations, and the placement of liability on violations of its regulations

Georgia defines its expectations through the Georgia Code Title 3. Authority for enforcement of Title 3 of the Georgia Code rests with the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue through its rules under Chapter 560-2, including section 560-2-3 (Retailer-Retail Consumption Dealer) and other sections.

Since those who sell alcohol in Georgia are licensed by the State, it is important that they and their employees are familiar with laws and rules that govern the sale of alcohol.

We at Camden Family Connection believe that education is the best form of prevention. We know that local outlets are responsible and civic-minded businesses. We hope the following guides can be used as tools for local alcohol outlets to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage youth. We appreciate your partnership in the goal to insure all Camden youth lead happy, healthy, and productive lives!

Below are PDF’s of On Site Alcohol Server Guides, and Retailer Guides

On Site Alcohol Server Guide

Off Site Retailer Guide

On/Off Premise Quizzes

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Off premise quiz

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